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Catalytic Mechanisms
A. Spectroscopic and Visualizing Characterizations
B. Surface Chemistry, Reaction Kinetics and Mechanisms
C. Molecular Simulation and Theoretical Modeling
D. New Concepts for Catalysis

Catalytic Materials
A. Nanostructured Catalytic Materials
B. Micro- and Meso-Porous Catalytic Materials
C. Biological and Enzymatic Catalysts
D. Novel Design and Synthetic Approaches

Catalysis and Energy
A. Efficient Utilization of Fossil Sources
B. Clean Energy: Battery and Fuel Cell
C. Renewable Energy: Biomass and Solar Energy
D. Energy Storage and Conversion

Environmental Catalysis

A. Automotive Exhaust Cleanup
B. Air and Water Pollution Control
C. Updating and Utilization of Wastes

Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis
A. Green Synthesis
B. Petrochemicals
C. Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
D. Selective Oxidation & Hydrogenation


A. Integration of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous
B. Biocatalysis / Organic Catalysis
C. Catalytic Reaction Engineering